North of Tomorrow – Something Unexpected

Arizona band North of Tomorrow releases their latest genre-blending album ”Something Unexpected” composed of 12 captivating tracks on Melba Toast Records.  Thanks to Mayhem Music Services Pretty White discovered them with their latest opus,  EP ”Something Unexpected”. 

North of Tomorrow, based in Arizona is a primary recording project composed of longtime friends and bandmates, Gary Adrian, Brian Mueller, and Stephen Rogers. The best project of the month, and probably of the year is the fabulous ”Something Unexpected”.  We are completely overwhelmed while listening to ”Something Unexpected” because the opus proves that unity in art and originality still exists. It’s hard to describe the album with a specific genre as it simply honors music in all its glory. By mixing Rock, Alternative, Jazz, and a little bit of Soul, the band presents a fresh wave of music.  With passion, sincerity, and solid musical knowledge.

Gary handles bass, pedals, vocals, and keyboards, while Brian is on guitar, keyboards, mellotron, loops, and lead vocals. Stephen handles sonic analysis. As far as the creative process is concerned, Brian is responsible for creating the main structure of the song, after which all three of them decide on the arrangements, instruments, and production. With the ability to find various musicians worldwide to fit each song, rather than try to fit songs to a fixed set of musicians, they were able to greatly expand the available musical possibilities.

”Something Unexpected” is a sonic rollercoaster reinventing music, and with each vocal performance, it offers a true experience. A true revelation,  the definition of art and free creation.

Press play and enjoy:

Something Unexpected


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