An Interview With Canaan Cox

Hi! Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey everyone! I’m Canaan Cox! Originally from Hendersonville, North Carolina, moved to Nashville in 2016 and I entertain folks through song, video, and on stage. I love the smell of an old book, Harry Potter, and I’ve seen How I Met Your Mother 16 times.

You recently released your new single – can you tell us what the song is about?

The idea KIND OF came from my ex / now my wife. It’s a very long but sweet story but for the sake of your readers… We dated back in 2015 and then broke up and reconnected in 2019. My wife, Kimberly, later told me she would come up with things in her head to make herself “hate me.” Just things to make it easier to let go. So that gave me the idea of “I tell everyone I hate you but the truth is I hate me more.” It’s a song about being vulnerable asking yourself why am I trying to me this macho guy and telling everyone I’m ok without you when it’s quite the opposite.

What inspirations do you take when writing your music?

I have a degree in musical theatre and actually direct/edit/produce my own music videos. I find that with a lot of my writing, I start to visualize what this movie would be. Like, “Ok, she just told you she doesn’t love you anymore. Where are we? Where’s the camera? Is it raining, what’s the color scheme, do you fight for her, do you let her go.” So as weird as it may be, I get inspired a lot by films in my writing. Depending on what or who I’m writing with, I’ll have 2 columns on a page. 1 side is simply my thoughts. No rhyme, no agenda, just straight authentic uninhibited thought. And in the other column, I’ll pull the pieces from it to put them into the song.

Who are your current favorite new artists?

The Band Camino, Jordan Davis, and Ben Platt.

Who would your dream collaboration be with, and why?

Ed Sheeran. He’s just so versatile! From poppy vibes like Shape of You and Shivers to Perfect and Thinking Out Loud, he’s just an incredible storyteller. And I think that’s what makes the best music, the best stories. Plus we’re both gingers so…

What does the rest of the year have in store for you?

We’ve got so much! With one single down and one on the horizon (“Twice” dropping March 10th) we’re building into a 5 song EP to drop in May. We have planned for some content after but nothing in stone but I know me and I’ll be bored as soon as the EP drops so I’ll be eager to get in the studio for y’all and behind the camera to get you some more videos 🙂

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