XAAR – Final Light?

Today on Pretty White, we are glad to introduce you to our artist of the week Kenny Lehan aka XAAR, a Scottish artist. XAAR was born during Covid 19 in Glasgow Scotland formed by Kenny Lehan  (Vocals, Bass, Synth, and Guitar). XAAR offers a new world to explore.

After the amazing piece of art DESTABILIZE, XAAR continues surprising us with his third single ”Final Light?”. The track works perfectly and transports you into a stunning musical journey and infectious hooks. ”Final Light?” takes a new direction but retains the element of dystopian and post-apocalyptic tinged darkwave with a hard-hitting modern metal sound. This track offers a journey through cosmic synthesizers and solid rhythms. It’s engaging and might send you into a captivating trance.

Kenny Lehan states “Final Light?” tells the story of how XAAR came to be ”during my darkest hour it was obivous I needed to change my ways, I transformed my life and the birth of XAAR took place during the lockdown”.

Dive into “Final Light?” right now :

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