Samantha Tieger – “Losing My Mind”

Under her caressing song, here is Samantha Tieger who returns with her new title entitled “Losing My Mind”. Sliding into languid guitar riffs and exquisite beats invite you to a deliciously soft groove.
Offering movements with synthetic echoes and graceful swings, this talented American Songwriter, composer,  makes succumb. Distilling a breath with plural scents, a pop of bursts of mutinous hustle combinations of velvet percussion. The melodies of this record are unique and so beautiful which gives you a great experience. Using textures and hues with melancholic reflections, she seems to call for her notes an eternal and delicate summer. With a warm rhythm, tempered with emotion, she navigates in troubled arpeggios.


The child of two music fanatics, Tieger grew up surrounded by life-size images of John Lennon’s face in her home and learned to love music through the teachings of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and The Rolling Stones. While still pursuing her music, Tieger went to Duke University where she studied romance languages while simultaneously performing at venues in Durham and Chapel Hill. Her passion for language wasn’t so foreign to her passion for songwriting — both combined her desire for a human connection through music and language.
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