New Wolves – Draw another circle

”Draw another circle” is the new single from the gifted Welsh band New Wolves. The production of this song is polished and sounds very professional and the chorus is wonderful. ”Draw another circle” invites you to a sensual rhythm with subdued echoes of an irresistible breath. Under a caressing song, the arpeggios glide deliciously in smooth movements. ”Draw another circle” describes a melodic and melancholy walk around familiar roads and paths that lead into one another. A circuitous route through small-town love. So, impatiently waiting for the next, let yourself enjoy this piece of art.

New Wolves are a 3 piece indie electronica band formed in 2019. Brought up in the space where the Welsh mountains rise and the old industries fail, the band throws both concepts in their acoustic meets broken synthesizer instrumentation, and high, floating vocals with contrasting low, rhythmic harmonies.
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