MP Grey x Rudiger – I’m There 4U

Under pop swings with soft twists, here is MP Grey who teams up with Rudiger to release ”I’m There 4U”, a catchy song that touches the hearts. Rudiger’s voice is charmingly pure and the lyrics are original and well written. The production of this song is polished and sounds very professional and the chorus is wonderful, inviting to an irresistible groove. The atmosphere of this song is very unique and so enjoyable. So, with a sumptuous delicacy, he plunges us into aerial movements with bewitching echoes.

Hailing from Germany, Martin Polle, the producer, songwriter, and mastermind behind MP Grey created an expanded catalog of popular crossover hits over the last two years. Critically acclaimed internationally and in the states, his positive-minded and endearing messages are often told with featuring collaborator and Los Angeles singer Rudiger.
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