Matu – Papercut

”Papercut” is a new piece of art by the talented singer-songwriter Matu, this song will hook you from the first seconds. In notes with both languid and stellar overtones, this gifted artist, originally from Argentina, captivates us in iridescent harmonies of soft breezes. Matu’s voice is pure and amazing and it creates unique and wonderful atmospheres which will give you a great experience. With graceful refrains and light pulsations, Matu weaves a story with irresistible movements. ”Papercut” is about the desire of proving someone who hurt you wrong. This amazing masterpiece left us so excited to see where Matu’s career will go over the coming months.

The 24-year-old singer-songwriter from Patagonia, Argentina. He started writing songs 5 years ago in English and not in Spanish because he felt very self-conscious about what he was saying if he did otherwise. By writing in English it was a lot easier for him to write about whatever he wanted and be 100% honest in his music. He thinks this still applies, so here we are.
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