An Interview With Maddisun

Q: You recently released your new album “Home Is Where The Music Is” can you tell us what the album is about?

 Of course! This album is extremely special to me. I traveled to Ireland to the songwriter (back to where I used to live in Ireland) and then I got the call to go down to L.A and record the album. It was all really exciting and connected. I have traveled alone all over the world, and sometimes when I feel the concept of the home getting a little fuzzy, I just connect with my music again and I feel at home. The album is almost a concept for this feeling of “home” that I have found in my music. The album speaks to a lot of different topics, self-exploration, resilience, determination, mental health… My music is very positive and uplifting, and this album is just that. 

Q: Hey, for those who aren’t familiar with your music, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi! I am a musician from a small mountain town in BC, Canada. I’ve branded myself as a “dreamy, rock ‘n’ roll, mountain queen”. I grew up in a super supportive and musical family, who have always encouraged me to follow my musical dreams. I started songwriting around age 12 and haven’t stopped working on my music ever since! I now have two albums out, and its only up from here. 

Q: What inspirations do you take when writing your music?

 I take a lot of inspiration from the world around me, really. A lot of my music is very experience-based – something impactful will happen to me, or I will see something that moves/inspires me, and I will be called to write about it. I am also very inspired by other artists too of course. When I hear new music that I really connect with, I will sometimes be so inspired I’ll have to sit down and write. This happens with a lot of older music, too. I grew up with classic rock, ‘70s/’80s/’90s music always playing, and I am deeply inspired by the music of our past. I think it’s so incredible we have this whole catalog of music to reflect on. We are in a really amazing era for music and songwriting.

Q: Who are your current favorite new artists?

 I am obsessed with Maggie Rogers! I have been listening to her new album Surrender on repeat. I also really love Clairo, Dijon, and 1975! 

Q: Who would your dream collaboration be with, and why?

 My dream collaboration would definitely be with Dolly Parton. She is a huge inspiration to me, not only musically, but also just in the way she has completely dominated the music industry. I write a lot of country music, it tends to be my go-to, and what’s in my heart. So I feel Dolly and I would really connect and write some amazing music together! 

Q: What does the rest of the year have in store for you?

 I am going to be riding the rest of the album out, just enjoying being on tour and promoting these new songs. I may go on another songwriting retreat/getaway in the winter, to write for my upcoming project released in 2023. Also… more music videos! Stay tuned! 

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