Matt Blum – Jomamma

Our revelation of the day is the one and only Matt Blum. We have just discovered him with ”Jomamma”, a track that will rock your soul. This song is rocked by the rare authentic rock that makes us sing to free our minds. Matt Blum unveils a recipe filled with old-school colors that honor music in all its glory and sends us into an ocean of pleasant feelings. With unique creativity and a touch of rock, Matt Blum offers his own vision of music and brings a new recipe to the table. We are not going to lie, this is what we crave at Pretty White. ”Jomamma” is a success where alternative rock and a strong dose of motivation reign to take you on an infectious musical journey. From the first notes, you feel electrified, and you forget about the rest of your day, your problems, and your daily routine.

An Invisible Jet, the Portland-based music project from composer/artist Matt Blum, is releasing its debut album, An Invisible Album for My Invisible Friends, on April 21, 2023. The 12-track album contains singles, Jomamma, Caffeine Nicotine Amphetamine, Revamp, and FA Mischief.

Matt Blum’s voice will resonate with our ears for a long time, and yours too. Press play, and you will feel alive:

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