Notes of ethereal sparkles, infused with delicious pop combinations, here is Little Monarch which unveils an EP called Grains. Originally from Venice, California, this band offers a sweet parenthesis full of spellbinding rhythmic assonances like Got Me Good.
In graceful swings distilling a delicate groove, they weave a languid pop. Their bitten notes of synthetic beats and electro RnB clicks like on LTSG, jostle. Mixing lightness and caresses, Grains declines, as on See You, a poetry filled with a tender rhythm which strikes, under a sweet song.
So, in stellar glides lined with haunting clicks, Little Monarch creates a groovy oasis as desired as with Afterthought. Finishing in dancing arpeggios and dreamy consonances (For My Own Sake or with the most jazzy Bloom), Grains wins in other galaxies.


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