“Lighthouse” by eli ann: A Haunting Ode to Life’s Cycles of Grief and Renewal

eli ann’s debut single “Lighthouse” is a heartfelt, soaring pop-folk ballad dedicated to losing and rebuilding. The song was released on July 7, 2023. At its core, “Lighthouse” is a haunting and serene ode to life’s cyclical nature of grief and renewal. The inspiration for the song comes from the personal experience of the artist. The song’s lyrics are evocative and emotional, with lines like “Waves of waiting to keep crashing down” that capture the feeling of being lost and searching for a way forward.

The song’s instrumentation is minimalistic, with a simple guitar melody and soft percussion that allow eli ann‘s voice to take center stage. Her vocals are powerful and passionate, with a rawness that adds to the song’s emotional impact. The song’s production is clean and polished, with a mix that perfectly balances the different elements of the song.“Lighthouse” has received critical acclaim since its release, with many praising eli ann‘s songwriting and vocal performance. The song has been described as a haunting and serene ode to life’s cyclical nature of grief and renewal. It is a beautiful and emotional debut that showcases eli ann‘s talent as a songwriter and performer.

“Lighthouse” is a stunning debut single from eli ann that showcases her talent as a songwriter and performer. The song’s emotional lyrics, powerful vocals, and minimalistic instrumentation make it a haunting and beautiful ode to life’s cyclical nature of grief and renewal. It is a must-listen for fans of pop-folk and anyone who appreciates heartfelt and emotional music.

Elizabeth Ann Chavez (“eli ann”) is a Los Angeles native whose artist roots are in classical violin performance and musical theater. When she moved from the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach for college, she began to branch out musically on violin—performing and recording with indie folk band Leather Tramp and their self-titled EP, along with singer-songwriter Gracie Gray’s Black Clothes EP (“Black Clothes” and “G I Wish U”). During this time, she also recorded strings for The Moderates “Where Are You (Acoustic)” and on select tracks for The Family Crest’s album The War: Act I.

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