Johann TM – We Talk

Johann TM is a new name to us, and we’re curious why we weren’t familiar with this gifted artist earlier. The budding star’s song ”We Talk” totally captivated us. Quality, catchy and intense. Here is how we could describe ”We Talk” Johann’s new musical offering. The newcomer has an energy that stands out thanks to the professional and infectious production of Pop, and vocal performances with unique signatures.  Johann TM, Johann Theo Meux, seems to be the type of artist that really gives a damn about creativity, and gives us a fresh sound. There is a rhythm in this song that really gets you, you might fall in love, so press play right now:

Johann TM (Johann Theo Meux) is an alternative pop artist with melodic songs that are as tender as they are attitude-filled, taking influence from every great artist you’ve ever loved. He writes songs that make him feel a lot, and he hopes this can be the case for others as well (especially if they’re powerful music industry people).

Discovered via RightChordMusic

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