Greenhouse – Here I Am

Today on Pretty White, we invite you to embark on a musical journey through the sound of the talented band Greenhouse. We discovered them thanks to their new piece of art ”Here I Am”. The lyrics that drive ”Here I Am” are very compelling and immersive. The dynamic vocal flow works so well with the instrumentals, staying in tune with the rhythm perfectly as he showcases the beautiful synergy with the melodic parts. Greenhouse track offers a captivating structure that will make you dance and free yourself from your daily grey routine. This release is an exciting step in the right direction for Greenhouse, which continues to pursue excellence and creativity with its wonderful sound.

Greenhouse, from regional Victoria in Australia, relaunch their career with a searing vitality, epic melodies, dream-along anthems and festival sized bangers. Greenhouse throw this all down with the post punk sensibility of The Chameleons, stacked on top of a shoe-gazey dream of distortion reminiscent of Ride, and while stealing from The House or Love’s library of sounds, they’ve  rev’d it all up into a powerful melodic bliss, creating their own heavenly, epic indie guitar anthem of identity and inclusion.
Greenhouse’s creativity is perfect for your day, press play and enjoy :


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