Helen Counts – Firefly

A wonderful voice that capsizes the senses on a bewitching melody, here is Helen Counts with “Firefly”. In attractive rock movements intermixed with catchy bursts, the slender assonances soar haloed with soft dissonances to offer bouquets of a dreamy rhythm. The guitars and drums are incredibly catchy and the melodies are stunning and mesh with Helen’s voice perfectly. This song is such a nice experience. “Firefly” is about the physical and emotional sensations of a musician falling in love at a younger age. The Firefly really represents the magic, happiness, and innocence of those feelings. Under sweetness outbursts and delicate caresses, this talented singer/songwriter Helen Counts establishes a suave groove. Helen Counts shakes our souls with her singular and bewitching rhythm. This catchy song is a unique experience from start to finish, we hope you love it as much as we do.

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Helen Counts has created powerful Indie rock vibes in her latest single ‘Firefly’  released on 8/16/22. The natural-born singer-songwriter works with a production house called Demo My Song® and 5050 songs Music Publishing in New York City. She began her musical career singing in coffee houses in her 20s on the East coast and then self-published her own CD ‘Into Your Arms’ in 2002. She first broke into Spotify with her single ”That Look” on 7/21/2021, followed quickly by ”Some Healing” on 12/01/2021 and “Shaky Ground” on 3/29/2022. All her songs have both lyrical and visual intensity that captivate her listeners, and she has a very loyal following. She writes songs with varying musical styles, and she has strong harmonies in all of her songs.  She is based out of Madison, Wisconsin, US

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