Danielle Evans – One More Day

With an amazing singing voice, here is Danielle Evans who releases her new single ”One More Day”, with a very catchy rhythm. This song has already touched and captivated our hearts. Danielle’s voice is a piece of art, she has one of the most beautiful voices we’ve ever heard and her vocal performance on this song is more than professional which shows how talented she is. ”One More Day” in a nutshell is trying to hold on and keep fighting even when you feel like you can’t keep going for another day. So, under chords with voluptuous echoes, Danielle Evans provides arpeggios that are gracefully entwined. While waiting for the rest, here is something to hear until the next lead.


Danielle Evans is a 23-year-old rising independent pop-contemporary Christian artist from a small town in Michigan called Niles. She grew up singing most of her life, always having an instrument in her hand or letting herself sing away to whatever her heart desired. Since the age of 17, she’s taken her music career more seriously. In 2019, she’s released two EPs titled “Simply Me” & “Bruised”, her debut Album “Breakthrough” was released in August of 2022 and she’s already working on her third coming EP. which is coming out in early 2023.

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