Estella Dawn – Hallow

With an amazing singing voice, here is Estella Dawn who unveils Hallow, her new title. Under soulful song, her notes oscillate between light and shadow, with disconcerting ease. Filled with tenderly spicy crepitations and feverish percussion lines, its groove stings the body. her combinations distill both delicate ardor and intimate fiery rhythm. Multiplying the disturbing and troubling swings, Hallowcreates irresistible crescendos. This talented artist, returns to the best of her form, with bewitching elegance. Until the sequel, the title of Estella Dawn is already available here.

Estella is a New Zealand born, Colorado-based singer-songwriter. She moved to the USA when she was 19 and landed in Denver, Colorado. The story starts with Estella singing original songs from the booster seat in the back of her parent’s car growing up in New Zealand (true, ask her mother). From a young age, she glides into songwriting, piano, guitar, music production, and recording.
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