Cory Singer – I Still Love You

With an infectious sweetness, here’s Cory Singer with his new release “I Still Love You” Blending warm notes with sweet vocals, this talented artist invites you into a subtle groove. “I Still Love You” has a great hook chorus, Cory Singer has one of the most charming and wonderful voices, and his vocal performance is incredibly attractive. Beneath his heart-stopping song, this gifted artist slips emotions over the edge. Balanced, his notes offer hugs full of soft beats and soft beats that blend into enchanting stories. “I Still Love You” comes with an outstanding music video that definitely will give you a better experience while listening. You will enjoy listening to him sing until the last minute.

Cory Singer is a singer-songwriter and accomplished theater actor. In 2020 during the pandemic, Cory took to Tik Tok and decided to share his journey living with autism. He has become a social influencer to families, children and other adults living with autism. Cory has been nominated for a Broadway World Award, NJ Perry Nomination and starred on BRAVO TV Show Kandi Factory (2013). Tik Tok @thecorysinger website:

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