Alexander Joseph – Summertime Compass

”Summertime Compass”by Alexander Joseph is the most surprising track we’ve ever heard this season. If there’s one thing that the rising artist does well, it’s his innate ability to transport listeners to new musical places. This fantastic track ”Summertime Compass” is like no other, and it’s almost impossible to label it with conventional words. The lyrics are original and well written and Joseph’s vocal performance is more than professional, which shows his talent. If he continues to share such a creative artistic signature, the UK-based singer-songwriter Alexander Joseph will be widely talked about. He has the talent, charisma, and vision to become the next superstar.

Dive into the ”Summertime Compass” experience right now:


About Alexander Joseph:


UK-based singer-songwriter Alexander Joseph continues to bring his passion for songwriting to life on ‘Summertime Compass‘ – his acoustic version of a song written over a decade over, which delivers a playful and optimistic message about the possibilities that lie ahead.

His uplifting songs about overcoming obstacles have been a consistent theme throughout his previous work and he remains committed to channeling important & heartfelt messages through his music. BBC Introducing has picked up on this and shown great support in the past, airing songs like Not Defeated and selecting Invincible from ‘Broken But Beautiful‘ & his recent single Now or Never as tracks of the week.

He’s also hugely passionate about sport – the inspiration behind his first EP ‘Anything Is Possible’ which features motivational tunes like GB 365, You’re Going To Win, and A Racket In Hand.

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