The upcoming twenty-year-old R&B/Pop singer and songwriter Aishvan has released his second project titled “NONE OF THIS WAS EASY”. The album features a total of 13 songs and is going to make you enjoy it until the last second. Aishvan has one of the richest voices we’ve ever heard and his vocal performance on this song is more than professional which shows how talented he is. For the best experience, we recommend listening to the album from start to finish. This amazing piece of art left us so excited to see where Aishvan’s career will go over the coming months.

Aishvan is an upcoming twenty-year-old R&B/Pop singer and songwriter from Mississauga, Ontario. Aishvan started singing at around three years old and has been performing in talent shows, local competitions, and recitals. At sixteen, he released his first single “Completely Incomplete”, and debuted his first independent project, “Dark Euphoria”, 11 months after. Since then, Aishvan has been releasing singles and featuring songs with frequent collaborators OAJEEHKyn RoseJat, and more. He vows to continue to discover his sound, style, and roles in his career.

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