ZIMINY – “She (Zoey Deutch)”

A mysterious breath with sensual bursts and a devastating groove, here is ZIMINY who unveils She (Zoey Deutch). In notes to echoes and electro jolts.
Multiplying the RnB and pop resonances in its song, it transports the bodies in plural limbo. Combining contemporary impulses and traditional assonances in singular combinations, Sober wins. The atmospheres of this record is unique and the chorus is nice, the vocal performance is very professional, I have enjoyed the catchy vocals.
You will enjoy this song till the end and you would love to keep pressing the replay button all day long without getting bored at all.

A Los Angeles native and former member of Awolnation, David Amezcua steps back into the spotlight with his latest solo effort, ZIMINY. The first single “She (Zoey Deutch)” harkens back to the beloved tones of 80’s, surf, and R&B music, (think Bill Champlin, Beach Boys, Toto) with a modern twist.
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