Z’cano x A’Rose – Winter Weather [Premiere]

A new wonderful pop masterpiece, ”Winter Weather” by the talented duo Z’cano and A’Rose. This new title stands out with unique sweetness, under a poetic pop and electronic bursts. The vocal performance is pure and amazing and it creates unique and wonderful atmospheres that will give you a great experience. Their lyrics are touching and well written and the melodies are beautiful and the production work is very professional. “Winter Weather” is an energetic pop breakup anthem that compares the inevitability of the end of a relationship to the inevitability of the changing seasons.

L’image contient peut-être : 1 personne, barbe et lunettes_soleil
Z’cano is the artist moniker of songwriter/producer Nik Lizcano. Born in Chicago, raised in London, and now residing in Nashville, Nik’s sound spans a variety of genres, but the focus is always on a strong beat, catchy melodies, and some funky chords…weather permitting.
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