Will Langston – Simple Things

Will Langston is our best discovery of the day, and at the redaction, we even wonder why we did not know him before. The 25-year-old songwriter is a true revelation and proves that real music is not dead. Will Langston has announced a new release named ”Simple Things”, an amazing piece of art that we can’t wait for you to discover.

His incredible soulful and powerful voice is sure to mark a large audience and stand out thanks to his recognizable tone. The quality of the production of ”Simple Things” cannot be overlooked. The sound is clear and polished while maintaining a human and natural feel. Will Langston unashamedly exudes his raw talent and unique musicianship in every song he releases. Authentic and musically splendid, ”Simple Things” sounds like a healing song, one that gives you a load of emotion, as well as beautiful sensations.

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