Where’s Gladys – Where’s Gladys EP

Among all of the projects that we listen to daily, there is a very particular category that stands out. With their new EP, ”Where’s Gladys EP”, the band is part of the list, thanks to a wide range of rock styles and moods that leave you speechless. Welcome to the Where’s Gladys universe!

That is a real art  ”Where’s Gladys EP, a 5-track record, will warm your hearts up thanks to Art’s guitar and Alex’s unique style of drumming, its wild energy, and above all, contagious and energetic vocal performances. ”Where’s Gladys EPstarts with drum-driven indie rock Out of Air, moves to gritty garage rock World Stopped, to a retro ballad Let That Set in, to upbeat pop/rock So Insecure, and finally closes with a soulful ballad Sleepwalk.  You can hear the passion through the chords and the musical sincerity through the interpretation, and Where’s Gladys respects the music in all its glory. They take us on a beautiful journey with ethereal and unworldly atmospheres. With the warm vocal performances and soulful tone, Where’s Gladyss musical signature is impressive and irresistible, taking us on board with sincerity and emotion. Their flow is authentic but distinctive, the rhythms are incredible and infectious, and everything is designed to transport the audience on an enthralling musical adventure.

The Boston-based duo started in 2019.  The Where’s Gladys members, Art Papas and Alex Reinart have been appearing on stages for years in various groups around Boston. Art takes care of the guitar and lead vocals. Alex handles drums and backing vocals. The two take turns on the keys and the bass, but that is a bit tough to pull off live. Heavily influenced by rock from the 1960’s all the way through today.

Be ready to dive into an explosion of musical flavors and fantastic souvenirs :

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