Vinyl Floor – Funhouse mirror (ALBUM)

With their new album ”Funhouse mirror”, Vinyl Floor releases a statement for creativity and musical freedom.  From the first track ”Anything You Want” to ”Days”, Vinyl Floor explore through rock sonorities and bless our ears with intense guitars, and catchy vocal performances. ”Funhouse mirror” is full of hits that instantly give us a visceral desire to sing. The record is a driving alternative rock composition colored by experimental sounds from pop to electronic touches, which filled the audience with enthusiasm and mysteries. With melodic instrumentation and solid rhythms, Vinyl Floor invite us into an incomparable and eclectic musical journey through emotions and their story. Indeed, their latest album ”Funhouse mirror” offers everything we needed to hear to keep believing in alternative rock music again.

”Funhouse mirror” is uncompromisingly honest and touching. Press play :


Vinyl Floor is an alternative rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Thomas Charlie Pedersen (guitar, vocal, piano) Rasmus Bruun (guitar, piano) Daniel Pedersen (drums, vocals).

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