Urban Walrus – August Rain

The guitars and drums are incredibly catchy and the melodies are stunning, here’s Urban Walrus who returns with “August Rain”. In beats with ethereal bursts, Fabian Koerber has a wonderful and amazing singing voice. Under notes with soft assonances and stellar echoes, this talented band succeeded in capturing our hearts. Here, the harmonies take on the bodies in a melodic embrace bordered by tender guitar and exquisite poetry that jostles. Urban Walrus create a fantastic rhythm and very professional performance. Under the waves of that beautiful singing, Urban Walrus’s melodies are tinged with a warmth that never disappears. So the lyric becomes a burn like a flame, like a clearing up in everyday life. We can’t wait for Urban Walrus upcoming project.

Urban Walrus was formed in January 2021, by Swiss-born multi-instrumentalist, Singer, and Songwriter Fabian Koerber. Urban Walrus tends to keep a low profile and is therefore hardly active on social media. The focus lies on the essentials instead, which are: Writing and recording Songs and sharing them with the World. When it comes to genres, Urban Walrus doesn’t really know what fits best their Music. Some say 90ties, Britpop, some say Indie. And some say orange juice and some Lemon squash – who cares anyway?

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