Tupelo Lime – Roanoke EP

The American poet and outlaw Americana/Country artist Gram Phillips aka Tupelo Lime brings fresh air to Pretty White. We discovered him with his latest opus, an EP called ”Roanoke” which gave us hope in the genre again. And we needed that. Catchy, infectious, and dreamy, the vocal performance perfectly completes the professional production. ”Roanoke” is sure to warm your soul, with its feel-good, shimmering melodies and rich musical textures. If you haven’t yet heard of this artist, ”Roanoke” is the perfect introduction. In an area where many artists sound the same, Tupelo Lime proposes an outstanding signature that will grab the industry’s attention without a doubt. 

The talented singer-songwriter has been influenced and inspired by the lives and communities of those who met along the way, each one helping to define and shape the Tupelo Lime journey. Tupelo Lime has found his love of gigging and busking wherever possible. This motivation and passion have taken him across the UK and Germany, building a strong fanbase in this area of Europe.

”Roanoke” is captivating from ”The Old loop road” to ”The Gravediggers’ Daughter”, and will end up integrating your best playlists. Listen to the EP right now, you’ll play it on repeat:



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