Tragicomics Unveils Captivating Single ‘Stranger Things’

Tragicomics, the alt-country outfit from the northwest, is back with a new single titled “Stranger Things”. The song is an uplifting country-infused offering that flaunts a swinging vocal. The band’s unique sound and style are evident in this bittersweet new single, which is sure to resonate with fans of the genre. “Stranger Things” is a song about paralysis. Paralysis through indecision; waiting around for a change to come, and being unwilling – or unable – to make that change yourself. Nights spent staring into the sky, waiting for an answer that will never arrive. Realizing your own faults and that there is no overcoming them. The song’s lyrics are poignant and heartfelt, with a message that speaks to the human experience of loss and longing. Tragicomics has been making music for years, and their latest single is a testament to their continued growth and evolution as artists. Fans of alt-country will not want to miss this latest release from Tragicomics.

Tragicomics are an alt-country collective from the northwest of the UK, and self-professed purveyors of sharply crafted pop songs, sweeping melancholy, and doomed romanticism. Now the four-piece return with brand new single ‘Stranger Things’, an uplifting country-infused offering that flaunts a swinging vocal line and introspective lyrics alongside a sonically rich soundscape. The track was recorded at Pinhole Studio, where the band used some very old and well-loved gear – including an original 60s tape delay and a vintage Leslie speaker – to capture some of the old-time country feel of the tune. It was mixed by Adam Gorman and mastered by Frank Arkwright (The Smiths, New Order, Joy Division, Scott Walker) at Abbey Road, and features Matt O’Brien on bass.

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