Taylor Roche – why can’t we?

A brilliant pop song ”why can’t we?” by the talented Pop artist Taylor Roche. The music is very catchy, and Taylor has an amazing singing voice and the vocal performance is catchy.  Rather than just a break-up song or just a love song, ​”why can’t we?”​ is a juxtaposition between the two, with the story being centered around the thoughts of why can’t we just be here in this moment and say what we feel?. Taylor Roche’s voice and the production of this song fit perfectly which makes the melody radiance. This song is a great experience from the start to the last second.

Taylor Roche​ is a Pop artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. From an early age, Taylor was performing on stages across New Zealand and Australia and finding his deep passion for music along the way. He left university at the age of 18 after only a year to further pursue his love for songwriting, performing and to focus on his artistry.
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