Stephon Houston – You Deserve The World

Pretty White invites you into the epic world of Stephon Houston. We discovered him with “You Deserve The World”, a surprising track with effortlessly hip-hop sonorities. His recipe is unique and gives us that powerful feeling of freedom and joy, it’s a hip-hop women’s empowerment.

Stephon Houston, the rising hip-hop artist, has released a new single titled “You Deserve The World”, and it’s taking the music world by storm. The song is a powerful ode to women’s empowerment. Houston’s single is a declaration of love and respect for women. The song’s lyrics are powerful and emotive, delivered with passion and conviction by Stephon Houston himself. “You Deserve The World”, is a track that honors hip-hop in all its glory. The artist’s flows as he delivers a startling melodic rap, with a thousand flavors and wonderful cadence, are what had we captivated from the very first note. The vocals are a piece of art and very powerful, and you will enjoy listening to this song until the last second without getting bored at all. We ponder why we were unaware of  Stephon Houston and his bright musical vision in the past.

“You Deserve The World” is the perfect pick for your clubbing week, add this gem to your best playlist:



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