Spencer William – Villain

With an amazing singing voice and electro dancing pulsations with very cool caressing vibrations, here is the talented Spencer William which unveils Villain. ‘’Villain’’ is the first single off of Spencer William’s upcoming debut EP, ‘‘I Don’t Know: Vol. 1’’. Under a deliciously light song, with pop echoes, Spencer William opens with gently torrid notes that warm hearts and bodies with his ethereal tones. Mixing the exquisite assonances in hot swings, he distills a delicious dancing track. Spencer William sings about betrayal, manipulation, and resentment.

Spencer William is a songwriter/producer-turned-artist whose music sounds like shouting your worst fears off a mountaintop through a vocoder. Like the lovechild of Sam Smith and Jon Bellion, Spencer crafts raucously insecure left-of-center pop that’s simultaneously introspective and tongue-in-cheek. He is unafraid to delve into the difficult emotions that everybody experiences, letting his haunting voice soar over glittering synthetic soundscapes with a razor edge.
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