Rod Fritz – Stay with Me

A breath of pop and contrasts elegantly hemming its notes, here is Rod Fritz who seduces with Stay with Me. this talented artist, originally from Australia, invites you to a rhythm with gentle jolts. Similar to delicate murmurs which bounce under synths with intoxicating electronica echoes, whispers to him in celestial bass lines. Mixing languid bursts with sensual jolts in a singular poetry that shakes up, Rod creates a gentle ardor in the midst of contemporary chaos. Stay with Me is a song about staying positive during hard times. Make sure you don’t miss the chance to catch Rod Fritz live in concert, even if you only get to see him once it will definitely be worth your while.


Rod Fritz is an Australian singer/songwriter currently based in Germany. Rod is a true artist and wordsmith who tells it straight from the heart. From love ballads, heartbroken moments, and life in general Rod has a way of telling stories captivating his audience in a way that everyone can relate with.
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