Reed Gaines – Vampire

With rock echoes that crackle, ricochet and merge under an aerial song, here is Reed Gaines with “Vampire”. The chorus is so beautiful and the production is very professional, “Vampire” touches our hearts. Multiplying the consonances in echoes hemming his notes with delicacy, this talented artist creates bewitching combinations. The lyrics are original and well written and Reed’s vocal performance is more than professional which shows how talented he is.  “Vampire” is one of those songs that flew together, with less than a month from its inception to completion.

Reed Gaines is an up-and-coming Bedroom-Pop/Alt-Rock artist from Nashville, Tennessee. Reed’s music is often described as having a “warm, nostalgic atmosphere,” which helps to convey the melancholic sadness his lyrical content portrays in such a frank way.
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