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Today, we discovered Pennan Brae, who is now on our list of the best rising artists of 2022. At the-further, we even wonder why we did not know him before! He made an incredible impression on our redaction thanks to his single ”Jettison”, extracted from the upcoming ‘‘Arcade” album out; ”Arrival Time” coming Sept 19! Pennan Brae has one of the richest voices we’ve ever heard and the tune of this record is uniquely catchy. The track is indeed a stunning ballad that showcases Pennan Brae’s flawless vocal performance and vocal tone, like honey. The record deserves to continue being heard widely, as it raises the level of the current industry.

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About Pennan Brae:

Pennan Brae kicks off the Spring of 2022 with ‘The Garden Series, Vol. 2: Picked‘ album featuring lead singles, Zulu, Super Storm & ‘5 Foot 2’. The release completes the double album with Vol. 1’s ‘Planted’ with lead singles ‘Mona’, ‘Night Crawling’ & ‘Incognito’. The Summer of ’21 saw Pennan release ‘Weed & Whisky Women’ (Distilled Mix). The song was produced by Kirk Kelsey (The Smashing Pumpkins) & is the introduction to Pennan’s 9th album, ‘Cinema’. 2021 also saw the release of ‘Lit’, a 10-song album influenced by rock & roll of the 1970s & 80s. Recorded at Blue Light Studio in Vancouver, BC, the album follows Pennan’s 12-song ‘2 Below 0’ soundtrack in 2020. Pennan was busy from 2018-20 releasing 2 feature-length films which he wrote along with the corresponding soundtracks; ‘The Astronot’ & ‘2 Below 0’. These films participated in over 200 film festivals with both films now streaming on Amazon Prime. ‘The Astronot’ soundtrack provided Pennan the opportunity to work with 2 of his musical heroes. Legendary drummer Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Eric Clapton, Duran Duran) & bassist Garry Gary Beers (INXS) played on the 2 lead singles off the album, ‘Walk With Me’ & ‘Crashland’. Pennan co-wrote ‘Crashland’ with Grammy-nominated artist Eric Alexandrakis with the track mixed by Paul David Hager & mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Emily Lazar. The rest of the album was mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Grammy-winner Sean Magee.

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