Palshu – Leave My Head (ft. Marck)

Pop softness distilled under synthetic electronica hues interwoven with aerial textures, here is Palshu returning with Leave My Head ft. Marck. Under a pop song, his notes create electro chords that flirt with acoustic guitars in gravity. So, jostled by slender percussions, the movements bitten by melancholic zest and flights filled with emotions, invite ou to a poetic peregrination. Palshu, So, in feverish zest and vibrations with tropical sparkles, Leave My Head offers harmonies of delicate finesse, loaded with sensuality embroidered with bewitching Palshu.

Palshu is an electronic music producer blending bass music, downtempo, trap music, and every genre you can and cannot think of. As a person who seeks meaning and connection in everything, he’s determined to spread the frequency he wants to spread around the world. Dive into the world of Palshu, enjoy the ride, and be prepared to be taken on a mysterious dimension.
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