Oz Wills x Tyla Raé – Sounding Better With You

Oz Wills team up with Tyla Raé to distill this piece of art ”Sounding Better With You”. Under a delicate RnB with ethereal infusions of pop, his voice slips in languid notes. In sensual resonances, this artist slams hearts in a delicate groove. ”Sounding Better With You” makes you want to dance tenderly, between two intoxicating guitar riffs. Like a melting sweetness, this track can be consumed without moderation, distilling an indelible bewitching rhythm. Made in lockdown, this is a vibey track nostalgic of a time when you could go out, socialize and just dance. The subject in this song is not interested in love or a relationship but is guilty of leading someone on for the sole purpose of having someone to dance with.

Oz Wills
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