Motihari Brigade – Algorithm and Blues

Today, we invite you into the world of the talented band Motihari Brigade, which we discovered thanks to their mysterious track “Algorithm and Blues” . In an area where music creates clones, they prove that creativity is still alive.  It would be difficult to describe the abstract track with conventional words as it sends the audience into a new musical world and a whole experience, beyond a specific genre. This incredible rock tune “Algorithm and Blues” is one of the catchiest songs we’ve heard recently! The chorus is so beautiful and the production is very professional.

Dive into the Podem experience right now, you will never see music the same way:

Rock-n-Roll Thoughtcrime for independent minds. Rock-n-Roll began in rebellion. Beautiful outcasts claimed their musical voice to freely express independent human resistance. Meanwhile, plastic corporate robots distracted and placated the masses. Artificial programming flooded our telescreens with a hypnotic culture of fear and division. You need not consume what you are fed. Escape zombie-dystopia at Latest update: Motihari Brigade will release a new album on September 8, 2022. Get ready for a highly-caffeinated rock-n-roll band thumping out thoughtcrime on all ventricles.

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