Michael Johnston – Make It Easy

With a pop with energetic echoes, Michiel Johnston arrives with his second single, ”Make It Easy”. The talented artist embeds hearts under boosted percussions in soft bursts. So, under a song with powerful echoes, a haunting rhythm hammers him that makes you want to dance or take life on the safe side. Combining nostalgic overtones and contemporary upheavals, Michiel Johnston’s notes make him an artist to watch very closely. The track is energetic and totally danceable, and if you listen closely to the lyrics you’ll hear a poignant anecdote about friendship and “moving on”. While waiting for his next project, here is what, to escape under this powerful groove, with hot addictive swaying.
Michael Johnston
After spending years on-screen and behind the mic as a voice-over actor, Michael Johnston is stepping into the music industry. His debut single “Trust Me” offers an upbeat, lighthearted feeling and speaks volumes to Johnston’s abilities as a songwriter. His newest song “Make It Easy” just dropped on December 4, 2020.
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