Melissa & David, Robert – Always Becoming

At Pretty White, our goal is to find musicians who will create the music of the future while remaining authentic. Melissa Grey & David Morneau and Robert Kirkbride are our revelations and stand out thanks to their unique sunshine pop ”Always Becoming”Melissa Grey & David Morneau are composer-producers who design music informed by elemental themes: time, space, nature, language, and dance. ”Always Becoming”, is an EP of music composed in collaboration with designer and musician Robert Kirkbride of studio ‘patafisico’. The artist’s talent lies in his ability to take the listener to another world through his music. From ”Being” to ”Becoming”, the EP shines with art and imagination through its deconstructed rhythms, psychedelic elements, and timeless recipe.

Thank you Melissa Grey & David Morneau and Robert Kirkbride for this experience, we can’t wait to hear more of your music in the future.

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