Maro – Carsick

Between breaths of synthetic jerks and languid guitar riffs, here comes Maro with Carsick. From his pop which plays with intoxicating contrasts, creates soft pulsations for him under more ardent vibrations. Multiplying the oscillations, the differences of which are underlined by his powerful voice, he interweaves softness and delicate energy. Maro thus navigates in murky and sinuous arpeggios. So, in feverish bursts flirting with old-fashioned intonations, Maro sets fire with a singular elegance and an irresistible sense of rhythm. Remember this name and turn up the volume, while waiting for the upcoming song.

L’image contient peut-être : 1 personne, debout, plante et plein air, texte qui dit ’Champion’
Born in poverty-stricken Beirut, Maro moved several times throughout his upbringing amidst war-torn Lebanon. Emerging from his chaotic surroundings was music, a much-needed constant and creative outlet. “Moving and traveling around during my early teenage years made me feel lonely,” Maro describes. “Once I started to write songs and be creative, it became the perfect outlet for my emotions.”
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