LVRA – Gets Me Going

“Gets Me Going” by the gifted rising star LVRA. Under a caressing and energizing song, LVRA captures our hearts with her contagious rhythm. The production work is very professional and polished well. The vocals are a piece of art and very powerful, we have enjoyed listening to this song till the last second. A mix of addictive basslines overlaid synthetic arpeggios, “Gets Me Going” resonates intensely with emotion. “Gets Me Going” stays in everyone’s mind, impatiently awaiting the follow-up.

Born in Edinburgh to Chinese parents, 19-year-old singer and producer Rachel Lu started making music as a teenager, writing angsty songs at the piano in her parents’ home. Settling under the moniker LVRA (pronounced loo-rah), Lu began producing her own songs towards the end of 2017. Channeling her love of R&B, experimental electronics, and trap music, LVRA presents a raw and honest reflection of her experiences of adolescent love and the people around her.

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