“Like Heaven’s Wings”: A New Single by Anthony Sobak

Anthony Sobak, Florida-based rock singer-songwriter, has recently released a new single titled “Like Heaven’s Wings”. The song is a combination of glam metal, hard rock, and power ballad genres, which makes it unique and different from Sobak’s previous works. The lyrics of the song are emotional and powerful, and the music is energetic and captivating. It’s the first single from his forthcoming album, “A Little More Time.”

The song is one of Sobak’s best works and is likely to be a hit among fans. “Like Heaven’s Wings” is a great addition to Sobak’s music collection. The song’s unique combination of genres, powerful lyrics, and energetic music make it a must-listen for fans of rock and metal music.

Sobak has been making music since he was 15 and has since had a number of successful releases nationwide. He studied music at Ball State University and the University of Nevada Las Vegas and continues to hone his craft. His songs have been played on national radio and have been noted for their realness and heartfelt lyrics. His songs often speak of love, loss, dreams, and struggles of everyday life and relationships.

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