Layla Bina – White Widow

With her new opus ”White Widow”, Layla Bina releases an impressive musical reflection of our complex times. The song honors rock music in all its glory while adding some touches of pop. The guitars are delightful, the rhythms are solid, the energy is infectious, and each vocal performance has this nostalgic, yet catchy vibe that makes us sing while thinking about our world. ”White Widow” now is one of our favorite tracks, a track full of hope that makes us feel alive, at the time of stress and division. Layla Bina’s voice warms our hearts, with her unique and intense tone.

Overall, ”White Widow” is a wonderful piece of art that will transcend your soul and ears. Press play:

Born and raised in Southern California, Layla Bina is a punk-inspired, first-generation Iranian-American singer-songwriter. Layla grew up taking piano lessons and writing songs as a source of solace. Her passion for rock music pushed her to pick up guitar and bass as a teenager; she taught herself both instruments by playing along with her favorite bands. Her biggest influences are The Clash and Nirvana, among many other classic rock, punk, and grunge artists.

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