KRISTOPHER – Borrowed Time

”Borrowed Time” a new release by the talented singer-songwriter KRISTOPHER. “Borrowed Time” is a cinematic song dealing with the emotional struggle of unrequited love. It begins with a fairytale piano laying the foundation for a gentle vocal peeks dramatically in an emotive, dynamic chorus. His voice is a piece of art, it’s pure and rich, and his performance is very professional, which shows how talented and skillful he is. The melody is so good, full of emotions and creativity, KRISTOPHER weaves a story with irresistible movements. So, for a captivating sweetness and charming breath, he catches hearts under his vaporous and dreamy groove.

KRISTOPHER is singer-songwriter, Kristopher Houck, giving us music from the heart that’s personal and genuine. His passion for helping and inspiring others through his music is also a journey of self-reflection. Kristopher’s distinctive vocals shine over mesmerizing and evocative compositions, aspiring to create relatable songs that speak with authenticity and truth.

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