Kowloon – Hurt

With a pop of soft breath and languid resonances, here is Kowloon who unveils ”Hurt”. With soft percussions and synths in psychedelic bursts, this gifted artist, from Los Angeles, makes you succumb. Kowloon’s voice is charmingly pure and his lyrics are original and well written. The lyrics and melodies of this record mesh together perfectly, and the vibe is catchy. ”Hurt” is about the validity of one’s feelings, about finding strength, about setbacks and triumphs. If you are looking for a little break for an enchanted escape, dive into ”Hurt” and let yourself be carried away.

Kowloon is a musician and filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. His debut album, ‘Come Over’, was written, performed, recorded, and mixed in his home studio in the industrial outskirts of the city.
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