Kayden McCarthy – Overboard

With a breath of pop electro echoes, here is Kayden McCarthy who unveils Overboard. A mix of movements with bursts of pop and throbbing electro backs. This gifted artist, originally from New Jersey, invites you to notes bursting with an aerial groove. With an insolent sweetness and a graceful rhythm, he weaves a track filled with emotions. Overboard depicts a struggling relationship to the point where a mutual lack of interest causes each party to distance from one another. And hence, each goes Overboard on the relationship. Track is a smooth blend of soulful vocals over an electronic-influenced dance-pop/future pop beat. Overboard will make you want to hear it over and over again.

Born alongside the coast New Jersey, Kayden McCarthy began his musical journey in the city of Amsterdam, NL where he spent the better part of his childhood. Later moving to central Illinois and eventually settling in the city of Chicago, it became clear to Kayden that music was evidently going to play a large role in life. Influenced by late 90’s rock ‘n’ roll, early 2000’s hip hop, and modern-day electro-pop music, Kayden uses attributes developed early in life to apply to his unique sound, ranging anywhere from drifting towards soft house markets to seeking comfort behind his acoustic guitar.
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