Karras x Bice – Anything Except For Me

The rising star Karras team up with Bice to release an impressive song titled ”Anything Except For Me”. From the first second Karras captures us with his professional performance. ”Anything Except For Me” invites you to contrast swings. Interweaving pop bursts with haunting hip-hop-inspired whispers unveils a catchy tangy vibe. Under sensual vocals and fiery bass lines, he weaves a punchy hybrid track. The production work is very professional and polished well. Anything Except For Me focuses on the fact that no matter how hard you may try to be something other than you, in the end, you will always become the unique and unrepeatable slice of the universe that you are. Might as well embrace it and shine on crazy diamond. So, giving the urge to dance, ”Anything Except For Me” stays in everyone’s mind, impatiently awaiting the follow-up.

Karras is a Midwestern alternative rapper whose singular style channels the grit of classic hip-hop through the lens of his off-kilter, surreal consciousness. With his feet firmly planted in two worlds, he merges the mystical and material, luring the listener into his lucid fever dream. Following the release of his debut album Karrasmatic on Nov. 27, 2020, Karras has been releasing a new single each and every month.
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