Jonathan Sparks – Run Away

Jonathan Sparks tackles the man in the mirror with his captivating new single ”Run Away”. The flow is catchy and the production is good and sounds very professional. We have enjoyed listening to the vocals until the last second. The vocal performance is more than professional and the lyrics are original and well written. So, in enchanting arpeggios, Jonathan Sparks caresses the bodies with his bewitching rhythm. The energy of this song is so beautiful ”Run Away” is a unique experience from the start to finish, we hope you love it as much as we do.

Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Jonathan Sparks is one of the most versatile artists on the scene. Producing rock-infused tracks with a touch of blues, Sparks is launching his solo career after performing in bands Lucid Rain (2004) and Poésis (2007). Having performed around the country opening for Tom Petty and Santana’s original band, Sparks is already selling out venues in Atlanta, including the city’s famous Velvet Note, and Smith’s Olde Bar downtown.
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