Joey Green – My Fault

With contagious sweetness and memorable tunes echoes, here is Joey Green with ”Your Body Is Music”. Mixing passionate notes and atmospheric assonances, Joey Green invites us to an incredible song. The lyrics are honest and Joey’s singing voice is a piece of art, and the production is polished and professional. With delicate combinations imbued with emotions, Joey Green frees our hearts for a caressing escape. So, in this impressive track, this talented artist gives us a unique experience. So turn up the volume and get high.

Texas area native and Nashville transplant, recently known for his success on NBC’s The Voice, Joey Green has become a household name in Texas for his rock ‘n’ roll to soul country rollercoaster ride of a live show. He considers his genre post-Americana – a mix of Americana, rock and country. During an interview with Media Hub, he described it as “Americana with a pop sensibility, story songs with banger hooks.”
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