Jewleyouse – Low Confidence

Today, we’re excited to share with you our favorite rap discovery of the week: ”Low Confidence” by the talented artist Jewleyouse. The song delivers a genuine rap record, which is really hard to find nowadays in the industry. The rap flow has an amazing cadence and is quite addictive. The good production keeps us on edge with its lyrical hue. As soon as the Pretty white team heard ”Low Confidence” Jewleyouse’s single, we knew we were listening to something unique. Jewleyouse is a gifted artist and someone to keep an eye out for. Jewleyouse keep this name in mind because the project you are about to discover will captivate you just like it did for us.

Jewleyouse is a headstrong rapper from Chicago determined to leave an impact on the rap game. He is one of the most prolific and talented rappers to emerge from the Windy City music scene. His music is colossal and cinematic. He combines an immense amount of raw talent and amazing showmanship. Jewleyouse exemplifies the true meaning of the term “Boss Status”. The rapper is currently impacting the music world.

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