Jeremy Parsons – Humanity

Jeremy Parsons is a singer-songwriter who has recently released a new single titled “Humanity”. The song is a powerful and thought-provoking ballad that tackles what should’ve been an awakening to show us how little progress we’ve made in 60 years and how much further we still have to go.

“Humanity” is a call to action, urging listeners to embrace empathy and compassion in the face of injustice and inequality. Jeremy Parsons’s lyrics are both poignant and inspiring, with lines like “Keep talking over one another, All that’s needed is one voice” serving as a reminder of the importance of unity in the fight for a better world. Musically, “Humanity” is a stunning showcase of Jeremy Parsons’s talent as a songwriter and performer. The song is anchored by his powerful vocals, which are accompanied by a haunting piano melody and subtle yet effective orchestration. The result is a beautifully crafted ballad that draws the listener in and leaves a lasting impression.

Jeremy Parsons’s decision to tackle such weighty themes in “Humanity” is a testament to his commitment to using his platform as a musician to effect positive change. “Humanity” is a stunning single from a talented artist who has something important to say. With its heartfelt lyrics and beautiful musical arrangement, the song is a testament to the power of music to inspire and uplift, even in the face of adversity.

It is out now on all music platforms, be ready to press play and enjoy Jeremy Parsons’s universe:

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